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Let’s say you’re a complete mess when it comes down to keeping your house organized and clean and, let’s be honest, quite attached to the money in your bank account. So hiring help is out of the question due to your stinginess. I got a solution for you: put your house up sale at a somewhat lower price and get ready for the showings to begin. The way things are going, it’ll sit there for ever and ever, but you’ll enjoy a continuous stream of people interested in seeing what you’ve got. (Note: This won’t work if, on top of being a close-fisted slob, you don’t care when people see all your dirty stuff lying around the house. You’ve got to have at least some sense of decorum and pride for this to be successful).

Give it a try! You’ll be amazed at how quickly you become an expert dishwasher-loader, living-room vacuumer, kitchen-floor sweeper and children’s toys fetcher, all in record time, during the ten minutes you have after breakfast and before going to work. Your house will be spotless everyday for years to come, as long as you decline any offers buyers might make. (I wouldn’t worry too much about that).

You are so welcome.

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