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Enter to win a book collection on Basque culture from Euskalkultura.com

EuskalKultura.com, in cooperation with Etxepare Basque Institute, will raffle among their readers a book collection on Basque culture dealing with topics such as cinema, literature, bertsolaritza, Basque dancing, cuisine, history, Basque music and theater. The collection is designed for readers from different countries in the Basque diaspora, as it’s been published in three languages: Basque, Spanish, and English.

You have until Monday, November 5 at 23:59 (Basque Country time) to enter the raffle by sending an email to info@euskalkultura.com. The message must include you name and last name(s), telephone number and complete postal address, and have SORTEO (Spanish word for “contest”) in the subject line.

remember that, even if you’re not the lucky winner, you can still access and download the books on pdf format by clicking on the links (or click here for the entire list).

Books included in the collection

01. A brief history of the Basque Language (Ivan Igartua y Xabier Zabaltza)
02. Basque Literature in the twentieth century (Estibalitz Ezkerra)
03. Basque Classical Music (Karlos Sanchez Ekiza)
04. Basque Songwriting: pop, rock, folk (Jon Eskisabel)
05. A collection of prints (Miren Jaio)
06. Basque Cinema (Joxean Fernandez)
07. Architecture and Design (Pello Agirre) (not yet published)
08. Basque Dancing (Oier Araolaza)
09. Bertsolaritza (Joxerra Garzia)
10. Traditions (Joseba Zulaika)
11. On Basque Cuisine (Hasier Etxeberria)
12. Basque Theater (Pedro Barea) (not yet published)

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