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XXI Edition of Bergara’s Love Letter Contest

The Jardun association in Bergara has put together another edition of the Love Letters contest, also open to participants around the world. The letters must be written in Basque, original and unpublished work. You have until January 7, 2013 to email or mail your letters by regular post.  The winner will receive 500 Euros and second place gets 250 Euros.


1. People born in 1998 or before can participate in the contest

2. All works have to be original, unpublished, and written in Basque

3. The works have to be written as letters on DIN A-4 paper, whether you are writing them by hand or submitting them by email. The letters cannot be longer than two pages

4. In order to mail the letter by post, you must place your contact information inside a small envelope (name and last names, age, telephone number, address), then put that inside a bigger envelope together with the letter and send it.

To send your work by email, send the letter in a document with the letter’s title and your contact information on a separate file with your name as the title.

5. Send the letter to the following address:

Amodiozko Gutunen XX. lehiaketa
Jardun Elkartea, Errotalde jauregia z/g
20570 Bergara – Gipuzkoa

E-mail: amodiozkogutunak@euskalerria.org

More information on: goiena.net/blogak/jardun, or by phone: 943763661 / 943760819

6. Submission deadline is January 7, 2013

7. First place will receive 500 euros, and second place 250 euro

8.  The prices will be given on Valentine’s Day at the Bergara Casa de la cultura, on February 14, 2013 at 7 pm

9. The Jardun association will keep the works and will decide what to publish.

10. The judging panel will be made up leading people in the fields of literature and culture

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Ellen Espizua Caamano

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