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Boise Oinkari Basque dancers featured in “Downtown Boise Gift Card” commercial

Last week, Oinkari president Lael Uberuaga-Rodgers shared a commercial from the Downtown Boise Association featuring Oinkari dancers. The ad spot shows the dancers (both in costume and in the crowd) and other local Basques, in an effort to promote the sale of the “Downtown Boise Gift Card“. These cards, in $10 through $50 denominations, can be redeemed at any business currently participating in the Downtown Boise Gift Card program, including public parking garages.

I had shared the video on A Basque in Boise Facebook page, but after getting an email from a friend in the Basque Country suggesting I wrote an entry on the blog, I decided she was right. Apparently, the ad has already crossed the ocean and it’s making its rounds on blogs and websites like this one, for example.

Zorionak, Oinkari dancers!

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