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The ‘Cleaning Fairy’: Not so magical after all

Last night, someone posted a news article on Facebook entitled “El hada limpiadora en libertad condicional” (The Cleaning Fairy on parole), which caught my attention. I can’t tell you how excited I got when I started reading and realized the news was coming from the United States. “Please, please, please, let it be in Boise,” I thought, but no.

I couldn’t figure out why she’d be on parole (that means she must had been previously arrested) just for cleaning someone’s house. Fine, technically going inside a person’s dwelling without permission is considered trespassing, but I would have definitely given her a break if I got home and found it sparkling clean. I began to see more clearly as I continued reading the article. As it turns out, after entering a house and doing the cleaning, she would leave an invoice for $75 with her contact information. What the hell? Fairies don’t ask for money after a good deed. She was an impostor! No wonder those people in Ohio were disappointed and hurt. Who let her out? She deserves to be locked up for mercilessly crushing so many dreams.

That said, if you were thinking about becoming a real Cleaning Fairy, my garage code is 6589872.

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