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New app “Euskal Gabon kantak” now available for Android phones

From euskalkultura.com we learn about the new mobile app for Android phones called “Gabon kantak”, developed by Arrasate-based company Skura Mobile, which includes a long list of Basque Christmas songs.

Now, the lyrics for the most typical songs of the season will be only one click away. Plus most of them can be heard from the application itself.

The app includes songs like Alaken, Din dan don, Dringilin dron, Elurra teilatuan, Erregeak, Gaueko izar, Gau ixila, Hator hator, Haur eder baten bila, Haurtxo maite, Horra Mari Domigi, Kanta alleluia, Mesias sarritan, Olentzero and Trakatan.

There is no iPhone version of the app, but you can get it for Android phones here.

Para leer la noticia en castellano, haz clic aquí.
Sarrera euskaraz irakurtzeko, klik ezazu hemen.

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