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I heard it on KBOI…

I spent a few minutes with Irune last night watching videos of homes for sale in the Basque Country. These were not your typical, run of the mill, 800 square-feet homes on the market in the boring town where you live, no. These were mansion-type dwellings located in distinguished places like Sopelana in Bizkaia, or San Sebastian (I hear it is) in Gipuzkoa, with a price tag nearing two million euros ($2,660,399).

The house in San Sebastian belongs to a family with six kids (I think is the last one of its kind in Euskadi. The family, not the house). Now they are all grown-up and living on their own. The place in Sopelana is owned by Jose Antonio Nielfa, the first Basque Drag Queen, more commonly known by his stage name, “La Otxoa“. He jumped to the spotlight during the Great Week of Bilbao in August 1978, when his song “Liberate” became became a flaming hit (viewer discretion advised).

In any case, my friend was all excited about the house in Donosti, although neither of us liked the decor that much. She seemed so happy I didn’t want to burst her bubble by confessing where I really go for all things real state (I am not into jets and boats at the moment): The Billionaire Shop. The houses there are to die for. Plus, as everyone knows that is disgustingly wealthy, time is money, so all the ads feature a handy “Buy Now” button by the price, for our shopping convenience. Who wants to pick up the phone and call “La Otxoa”, set up a time to see his/her house and figure out a fair price for both parties? Screw that. I’m busy. I can’t even manage sending out Christmas cards, how am I going to find the time to walk through some house?

The cabin in Lake Tahoe is tempting, but I’m not sure it’s big enough. Besides, I’m looking for something with a private beach, not some lame-ass private lake. Therefore, I haven’t bought anything yet, but girlfriend, am I shopping my heart out or what?

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