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Basque Foundation Charities Selects 2012 Primary Recipient: Jaxson Noble

Jaxson Noble has been chosen by the Basque Foundation Board of Directors to be the primary recipient of the funds raised at the 2012 Sheepherder’s Ball and Lamb Auction. Jaxson was born two months premature at four pounds and six ounces with severe heart problems. He was born with what is called one transposition of the greater arteries with a large ventricular septal defect (VSD) as well as pulmonary stenosis. Due to the complexity of his health issues, Jaxson was medically evacuated (Medevac) to Spokane less than 24 hours after he was born. He spent the first two months of his life at the Children’s Hospital in Spokane.

Jaxson’s parents never left his side and incurred many expenses while having to be away from Boise. Jaxson was able to come home to Boise for three months before he had to be sent to Stanford for a pacemaker and his first open heart surgery. At Stanford, doctors put a band on his pulmonary artery and put in a shunt. Due to cost, only Jaxson’s mom and berramuma were able to be by his side. The surgery went well. Jaxson, his mother, and his berramuma were able to come home after eight days. He was only home for nearly a week before once again being admitted into St. Luke’s. Jaxson had developed fluid buildup around his lungs from a damaged and swollen duct. After a week of being in pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), he was once again transported to Stanford.

Jaxson underwent his second open heart surgery approximately two weeks after his first. He was observed at Stanford for 10 days before sending him home on oxygen and a feeding tube.

Jaxson is now off of both and is doing amazingly well. He will have to go back to Stanford in about two to three years for another open heart surgery where they will correct the transposition. He will also have to go to either Stanford or Spokane to have his pacemaker recharged and or replaced every seven to ten years for the rest of his life.

Many of Jaxson’s ambulance rides and medications are not covered by insurance. He also has no coverage for a few of the necessary machines that are brought to the house for Jaxson’s use. Doctors have advised Jaxson’s mom that he should not be put in a daycare and thus she is unable to work, leaving them on a single income.

Jaxson is the son of Julia Salutregui Logue and Cameron Noble. He is the great-grandson of Ricardo and Dolores Salutregui. His amuma is Nancy Salutregui Sluder. His uncle, Jake Salutregui Logue is an Oinkari.

The family is proud of its Basque heritage and was grateful for the support of culture and friendship before, and they are even more grateful for the help of Basque Charities and the support in helping Jaxson get well.

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