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The right way

I give my friend Unai shit every time I can about hanging clothes to dry in a particular order. He’d picked me up from the airport on my surprise trip to Spain in 2011 and, while he made dinner I thought I’d help him with the laundry. “Clothes have to be hung in order, Henar”, he said with a worried look on his face, like I was disrespecting his shirts by putting them up to dry right along the towels. “Long clothing items on the outside, and short ones on the inside. The shirts with the shirts.” What a freak, I thought.

This morning, as I opened the dishwasher to place the last couple of items before running a load, I found myself once again exasperated when I saw the plates were facing the wrong way, the blue ones mixed in with the beige ones, bowls on the bottom rack and not the top one, and the most aggravating thing of all, the silverware arranged upside down and without rhyme nor reason. Whether it’s already or not, I always end up loading the dishwasher myself.

I guess the joke is really on me.

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6 thoughts on “The right way

  1. maria jesus

    Claro como tú no tiendes nunca …Pués sí hay que tender bien como tu amigo.jeje.

  2. Diana

    Mierda, cuando vi la foto de los cubiertos en el lavavajillas, pensé que le habías sacado una foto al mío. Mi manía es poner todos los tenedores, cuchillos y cucharas agrupados según el tipo de cubierto. No, no soy OCD (no mucho), pero eso me permite vaciar el cacharro más rápidamente cuando está todo limpio. Ahora, eso de tender la ropa es para países más desarrollados que los EEUU, en donde todo lo secamos en el secarropas.

  3. Henar Chico

    Jajaja, te hubiera pedido permiso. Yo hago igual, no cuesta nada y así los colocas más rápido una vez que están limpios. ¿Qué tiene de malo secar la ropa en la secadora, che? Imagínate haber estado tendiendo la ropa afuera las dos últimas semanas, no me jodas. Tengo ganas de hablar contigo. @Diana

  4. Steven Roosevelt

    What you are describing would be termed in Japan a kata, or a prescribed way of doing something. While primarily used in a martial arts sense, it has a broader application in everyday life.

    Thanks for the post. I learn a lot from you.

  5. Henar Chico

    Writing on the blog is so much fun for me, you know that. So the fact that I can be useful once in a while too is an added bonus! Thanks!

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