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Basque Run/Walk Korrika returns to Boise on March 9, 2013

This year, the Basque run Korrika will celebrate its 18th edition in the Basque Country. Every two years, AEK (or Coordination for the Alphabetization and Teaching of the Basque Language) puts together this event to promote the use of Basque among those who speak it and to encourage those who don’t to learn it. This year’s message is “Let’s give each other Basque”:

Those who know it could teach it to those who do not, those who understand it could give the opportunity for others to speak it. Government should offer the possibility of learning it to everybody. The Basque language must be for everyone; Basque is the responsibility of all, a raw material and a tool for cohesion.

The 3rd edition of the fun Basque Run/Walk Korrika will take place on Saturday, March 9th at 10:00 am. However, registration starts at 9:30 am, so make sure you arrive early. There will be live music provided by the group Txantxangorriak from Boise, an aurresku performed by an Oinkari dancer, and free face painting for kids before the race. We will gather downtown at the Basque Center (601 Grove St, Boise), where Boise’s Mayor Dave Bieter, like he’s done in previous years, will give a speech before we all set out towards the Greenbelt.

Registration cost is $15 (free for kids 14 and under), which includes a free water bottle and talos prepared by Jesus Alcelay. All of the proceeds will be used to send our students to the Basque Country so they can practice their Basque and become language teachers in our Basque Centers.

Additionally, there will also be a potluck after the race, so please bring a dish with you to share with your fellow runners. Then, we’ll move the party over to the Basque Market for poteo (or having drinks Basque style, commonly known as ‘bar hoping’), so make sure there in cash in your wallet.

Our goal is to beat 2010’s record of 118 participants, so don’t miss Korrika this year!

Bagoaz Korrika, by Esnebeltza

Famous Basques from a variety of sectors pair up with Basque language students to explain and share the message of Korrika (in Basque)


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