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Hit and run, Idaho style

LVTHRTHMy heart jumped a little last night when I learned that one of my dearest friends was involved in a hit and run. It wasn’t after making sure she was fine and getting the details of the incident that I allowed myself to crack up a bit. Apparently, not only grandma got run over by a reindeer this winter.

Turns out my friend was driving down Warm Springs Avenue in downtown Boise when a deer appeared out of nowhere, smashed against the side of her Prius, and immediately fled the scene of the crime before she had time to get his name or insurance information. After the initial shock (literally), she got home and woke up early this morning to get a rental car. The only vehicles left on the lot were a big-ass Ford truck, double cabin, and a slightly smaller Dodge SUV. I mean, you gotta feel bad for her. She’s one of those earth-friendly, environmentally-conscious people, hard-core recycler, the type that takes her own cup to Starbucks to avoid using a disposable one. Clearly, she also minds water usage.

This morning I read an article about Ash Wednesday, which tells the story of a man who got killed by a boar after refusing to go to church and get painted. Like me, I doubt my friend is walking around today with ash on her forehead. Was yesterday’s episode a warning? I’ll get back to you tomorrow – if I survive the boar hunt.

She is also considering changing her license plate to something more appropriate, like “HTTHRTH”.

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