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Center for Basque Studies Offers Books in PDF Format and New Book on Pelota

Not so long ago I told you about a book available for download in PDF format (in Spanish) on the history of Basque immigration to Idaho.

Today, I learned that the Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevda, Reno, will be making old books available online in pdf format for free.  The first title in this series is Essays in Honor of Jon Bilbao that was printed in 1977 at the Desert Research Institute.  This book includes contributions by authors such as: Joseph Castelli, Richard Lane, Frank Araujo, Richard Etulain, Stanley Payne, Robert Trask and William Douglass to name a few.   This will now be a regular offering on the Center’s website so stay tuned.

The Center is also proud to announce the publication of Basque Pelota: A Ritual, an Aesthetic, by Basque researcher Olatz González Abrisketa of the University of the Basque Country. The book shows that the game of pelota, “the Basque game par excellence” is indeed more than “just” a game, but provides many telling insights into Basque culture. The Center is extremely proud to publish the English version of this book, translated by its own Mariann Vaczi, and they are sure that Basques (and anyone) will find it very enjoyable reading.

Buy it online at their website, Basque Pelota or browse its contents on Amazon at Basque Pelota.

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