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Listen to the best songs in Basque (for free!)

It’s Saturday, a bit overcast in Nashville, and I’m feeling lazy this morning after having too much fun last night at the Dscoop closing ceremony. However, I came across a list of the best songs in Basque the other day, with which I wholeheartedly agree, and I wanted to share it with you. The 60-item list includes my all-time favorite Aitormena by Hertzainak, classics like Lau Teilatu by Itoiz or Haika Mutil by Mikel Laboa, plus newer bands like Gatibu, another music group I love.

To enjoy the music, all you have to do is go to Odisea A-1, A-3 eta A-5‘s website and hit the “Play” icon on the pink colored bar across the top of the page. If you rather jump around and choose your own songs to listen from the list, click on the list icon on the top right-hand corner to show the titles.


Best songs in Basque

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One thought on “Listen to the best songs in Basque (for free!)

  1. Toby Maritorena

    Thanks a lot Henar!! That is in my opinion one of the best things for a Basque outside of Euskal Herria can do to stay connected to a very important part of the Basque Culture which is music!! It seems like my local radio stations just don’t seem to play Basque music too often Hmmm I wonder why?
    Millezkar oneiz!!

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