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No Trespassing

Mr. NoseyYou walk into the room and find your girlfriend’s laptop wide open, her Facebook session still in place looking right back at you, taunting you. The little red flag tells you there are three unread messages waiting on her inbox.

I must confess, I found myself in a similar situation once and failed miserably at being honorable. I didn’t snoop much, but I did snoop, and I will never be able to shake the guilt. There is nothing right about going through someone’s private stuff. Friendships will get ruined and relationships damaged when you read what was never meant for you.

But deliberately violating someone’s privacy when they are not around, that’s the lowest and it speaks loudly about your insecurities.

People trust their interactions with others are private and so they feel free to express themselves in a way they’d never do if you were there. It’s called blowing off steam, looking for advice, working through frustration, bitching.

In the end however, there is only one reason why you should never pry: It’s not your f-ing business. If it was, those messages would be in YOUR email, YOUR Skype chat, YOUR Facebook inbox.

So don’t.

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