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Ilike Bilbao Guide, the definitive guide to Bilbao in your mobile phone

What a great way to start the morning, reading about a free app which lets you discover and roam around the best city in the word, Bilbao, and free of charge! It’s only available for Android mobile phones at the moment, but the iOS version of the App is not too far out – maybe as soon as this summer.

Ilike Bilbao Guide

Ilike Bilbao Guide is the most comprehensive Bilbao guide for mobile phones and tablets. It’s a free guide that provides all the information needed to make your visit to the city a unique experience, and it is available for download at the Google Play store in three languages: Basque, Spanish and English.

It’s a completely offline guide (all application data is stored in the phone) that visitors can use to read about the most interesting places in Bilbao without requiring an internet connection, which is especially useful for foreign tourists. The download is approximately 18 Mb and it’s suitable for any smartphone with Android 1.3 or higher.

Thanks to a permanent location feature (via GPS), and a higher zoom level than other mobile guides to Bilbao, “Ilike Bilbao Guide” offers visitors a full experience and a first class service. When using the map, users can activate several layers: Visits, Food, Shopping, Activities and Information. Each of these categories is divided further into subcategories enabling the user to easily sort through all the information.

It has more than 200 sheets, all of which include photos, descriptions, a star-based score, telephone numbers, opening times and a button to share the information on several social networks. The user can include his visits, shopping or activities in a layer called “Favorites”, creating a layer that only includes the visits of his choice and easily personalizing his visit to Bilbao.

For more information check out:

Company name: Guia Ilike S.L. (CIF: B-95710471)
E-mail: admin@guiabilbao.com
Phone number: +34 634 572 856
Address: c/Iruña 1 bis, 4º dpto. 10 48014 Bilbao- SPAIN
Web page: www.ilikebilbao.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ilikebilbao
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ilikebilbao
Download from Google Play Store: Ilike Bilbao Guide


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3 thoughts on “Ilike Bilbao Guide, the definitive guide to Bilbao in your mobile phone

  1. Kelly Mottl

    Will be in town on Easter Sunday and Monday. Suggestions appreciated. Daughter goes to school at duesto. Staying at Ercilla. No Spanish for me please.

  2. Iñigo

    Hi Kelly

    Tell your daughter, and she will let you know… Bilbao is nice, and not too big. Even though, the ILike Guide to Bilbao is worth a look (100% in English, and it is also free) It is an easy way to find your favourite routes, and to walk on your own, discovering the History and facts of the best city in the world.

    By the way Deusto is close from the city center, and way cheaper than it… Just in case you didn’t book yet

    I hope you enjoy your stay!

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