A Basque in Boise

Basque Government Office to Open in Boise

About a year ago, Idaho and the Basque government made an official announcement to form an economic partnership.

The agreement, which strives strives to deepen the economic, educational and cultural ties between Idaho and Euskadi, was signed by Idaho Lt. Gov. Brad Little and Guillermo Echenique, general secretary of foreign affairs for the Basque government.

According to a NABO‘s news release today, the office in Boise will open on April 1, with Miren Perez Eguireun in charge.

She attended the NABO meeting last fall in Mountain Home, Idaho, where she had a chance to meet with many representatives of Basque communities from North America. Miren can be reached by email at m-perezeguireun@ej-gv.es.


The Basque Government signs a partnership agreement with the State of Idaho Source: Irekia

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