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Shakira and Manel make for a very good Friday

I can’t remember whether I’ve already talked about this or not, but I discovered a new band several weeks ago thanks to an H-P coworker from Barcelona. He was in Boise on business for a few days but before he left, he stopped by my cubicle and suggested I’d check out Manel, a music group from Catalonia that’s all the rage these days.

I had never listened to songs in Catalan except for two or three by Joan Manuel Serrat, so it was kind of a shock feeling instant love and appreciation for these guys. One of my favorite things to do is to play one of their songs and try figuring out the story just by listening to the words. Then, I look for the original lyrics online to see how much more I can understand by listening and reading at the same time. Finally, I find the translation in Spanish so I can get the whole picture.

I think I am falling in love with Catalan.

Last night, for some reason, I thought about Shakira and “La Tortura” song, which tells the story of a man asking her girlfriend for forgiveness after he cheated on her. As it turns out, Manel has an awesome version of the song in Catalan.

Here is the video as well as the lyrics (Catalan and Spanish), followed by the original by Shakira with subtitles in English. Happy Friday!



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