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We’re not in Kansas anymore

“Be honest, amatxu, did you buy me the art set or was it the Easter Bunny?”

My heart sunk a little when my 9-old cornered me last night. He’s not a little boy anymore, I thought while I came clean about those fairy creatures. And I hadn’t even seen yet the search history on the rascal’s iPad! Definitely not ready for that.

I realized yesterday that I have no idea what my kids talk about with their peers at school, or what bits and pieces they retain from conversations overheard while playing around adults gathered for drinks in the patio. Maybe I was asleep or in denial, but I am fully awake now. It turns out that they know way more about a lot of things than I ever imagined, and have iPads and the internet, Siri and Wikipedia to satisfy their curiosity.

From now on I’ll remember that time doesn’t only make me older, it makes them older too.

Kids Talking

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