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Pretty in pink

Pink TreeI hate those times when I feel like I could write all day but I can’t find anything to talk about. Maybe there is so much in there it got clogged and won’t come out without assistance. I could also be uninspired. Apathetic. Haven’t even looked for anything worth cutting and pasting in the last couple of days. But I keep thinking about my friend who knew about the trees and the plants; their names, their blooming time, what color the flowers would be after they blossomed. Striking pink for a week, dull and sad the rest of the year. So let’s enjoy it while we have the chance. He said I should come by this one tree next week so I can see it heavy with a million tiny yellow flowers, or they’ll be carpeting the road if I take too long. You could tell he was loving the outside, how excited he seemed while talking about the plants along the way. He just doesn’t look like the sensitive type, you know? Actually, I thought he was kind of an asshole when I first met him. How nice is it to be pleasantly surprised?

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2 thoughts on “Pretty in pink

  1. terese

    I thought for a moment you were talking about me! Narcissist me…

  2. Henar Chico

    I never ever thought you were an asshole! Haha. But you’re the reason I haven’t spit my chewing gum on the floor for about 10 years. Do you feel better?

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