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A conversation with the Basque president, by Mark Bieter

I have followed Mark’s blog pretty much since the beginning, so for about two years now. I like it because it is eclectic and you never know what you’re going to find: sarcasm, politics, personal reflections, interviews, sports, newspaper articles. Whatever the day brings, however, it will be interesting. Like today’s post, for example, which features an interview with Basque Country’s president, Iñigo Urkullu.

Last October, the Basque Nationalist Party won the election in the Basque Country. Patxi Lopez stepped down from his role as Lehendakari in favor of Iñigo Urkullu. Shortly after winning the election, Urkullu wrote an open letter to the Diaspora, where he mentioned a “policy of rapprochement and commitment to the entire Basque community abroad”.

In his interview, Mark expands on that topic with the Lehendakari, but also asks about his goals for the future (both in general and regarding the Basque diaspora), the current economic situation, or his plans for independence.

You can read the entire interview on his website, bieterblog.com.


Iñigo Urkullu

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