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Basque music group Gatibu still needs your help for his new videoclip ‘Gabak zerueri begire’

A few weeks ago Basque rock band Gatibu asked their followers to record themselves jumping, kissing each other, going crazy, getting naked, singing, laughing, falling in love, breathing, living and celebrating, and then send the recording  for a chance to be included in the group’s new music video ‘Gabak zerueri begire’ (Nights looking at the sky).

Today, the band’s record label posted on their Facebook website that even though the band has received a large number of videos, few were sent from outside the Basque Country. They did receive videos from Barcelona, Boise (EEUU), Buñol (Valencia), London, Galicia, Madrid, Italy, and France, but they know more contributions are possible, from all parts of the world.

In order to encourage people to send their videos and images, Gatibu will draw prizes among those who participate. They will raffle off three bags filled with a signed copy of Gatibu’s last album (Zazpi kantoietan) and a t-shirt.

The deadline to send in your videos is May 19th.



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