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Host families still needed for Cultural Exchange Project this summer between Boise and Basque Country (Jun 30-Jul 27,2013)

A few months ago I wrote about a great exchange program between the Basque Country and Boise put together by Larratetzu Cultural Exchanges. July is fast approaching and the organizers still need families in Boise willing to host several students from the Basque Country. You might have missed the article last time, so I thought it would be a good idea to post the information again in case you are able to help.

After last year’s success, Larrabetzu Cultural Exchanges is planning on bringing young students from the Basque Country to Boise again this summer. Young Boise resident Kyle Harbacheck is working locally on the program, while Olatz Amarika takes care of business in the Basque Country.

The objective of this program is to share the experience of living abroad while learning a new language. To facilitate this, Larrabetzu Cultural Exchanges needs to collaborate with families in Idaho and the province of Biscay. They ask that families encourage their children to travel to the Basque Country and also host a Basque student in their homes. This program is set up as a cooperative between the communities, in that families will reciprocate hosting students.

One of the primary objectives of this program is to learn or improve upon a foreign language. In our case, we offer the opportunity to improve knowledge of the English, Basque and Spanish languages with a focus on communication and expression.

The student should have intermediate knowledge of the shared language (Basque or Spanish<>English), in order to communicate well during his/her stay abroad. For the students who desire to travel, they should be able to communicate at an intermediate level.

Apart from learning a new language, there are other reasons to participate in this cultural exchange program. Uniting the communities in Boise and the Txorierri Valley will allow us to share our common and distinct cultural knowledge and experiences. Field trips to cultural celebrations, sporting events and to the great outdoors will be organized for the students.

The Basque Students finish classes on June 22, 2013 so they will be coming to Boise from June 30, 2013-July 27,2013.


Information for American Families

Host families will receive $300.00 to host a student for a month to help with expenses accrued from having an extra person in the house. To receive payment, Larrabetzu Cultural Exchanges will need the family contact information including phone number and address. A check will be mailed from the Larrabetzu Cultural Exchange account in The Basque Country. Larrabetzu Cultural exchanges will also need the Familiar Accommodation Consent Form.

For additional information, visit Larrabetzu Cultural Exchanges on Facebook, check out the flyer below, or email Kyle Harbacheck at kyle.harbacheck@gmail.com.

Larrabetzu Cultural Exchanges 2013

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2 thoughts on “Host families still needed for Cultural Exchange Project this summer between Boise and Basque Country (Jun 30-Jul 27,2013)

  1. Juan Barragan Olaso

    Que buena idea, yo vivo en Uruguay en la ciudad de Maldonado y con gusto me gustaría dar una mano, estoy a las ordenes, Juan

  2. Henar Chico Post author

    ¡Aupa Juan! Creo que esta vez están buscando gente en Boise, pero nunca está de más saber dónde hay personas dispuestas a ayudar si llega la ocasión. Besarkada bero bat!

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