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A Basque in Boise blog: Slowly shaping back up

It’s been a little rocky for the last few weeks, but the blog is slowly shaping back up after getting a face lift at the end of May. There are still a few things that need tweaking —like getting the email about new posts after you register— but I’m sure they’ll be fixed soon. However, you are welcome to subscribe from the main page and get on the list for when everything works. Unfortunately, I lost everybody during the upgrade, so former subscribers will also need to register again.

I look forward to your visits and I hope you’ll take the time to share your own experiences and comments with me and the rest of the readers. Part of the fun of running a blog is getting other opinions, a new perspective on things, even a slap on the wrist after publishing a post.

Eskerrik asko eta laster arte!


Thanks for passing by: ↓

Ruth Garikoitz Erleaga terese Lontzo Sainz

3 thoughts on “A Basque in Boise blog: Slowly shaping back up

  1. Garikoitz Erleaga


    Proiektu polita! Animo eta jarraitu aurrera zure bidean eta zeure martxan.

    I am travellig around the world six month by far as a backpacker, generally young budget, even I am in my 30s ;-), but sometimes I have hold in my hands a cocktail prepared by my new friends, in a skyscraper aparment with city skyline night inspiring views in front.

    Besarkada bat, nahi duzunerarte,

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