A Basque in Boise

A Basque in Bilbao (again)

OrtuellaLike I did last year and many years before then, the time has come for A Basque in Boise to recharge her batteries at home. A year seems like an eternity when the visit is over and you find yourself back at the airport after a wonderful visit, but now that I’m stressing out about packing my suitcase and do I have everything I need ready to go, I feel like it flew by.

I am ready to see my friends, my family, but above all, I can’t wait to squeeze my kids and kiss them until they tell me what a pain in the ass I am. There is nothing truer than a child’s hug and it’s been 6 weeks since the last ones I had.

Based on last summer’s experience, I probably won’t blog until I come back to Boise at the end of July. A much needed break for everybody. I hope you guys have a blast in July. I know I will.

Next stop: ORTUELLA.

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2 thoughts on “A Basque in Bilbao (again)

  1. Ruth

    You will, no doubt, party and socialize like there is no tomorrow but; you can always sleep on the way home. You will, in the end, be happy to return to the old neighborhood and to your new life!

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