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Euzko-Etxea of New York will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year, October 7-14, 2013

In 1913, a group of thirteen Basque men, decided to formalize their Basque mutual aid association with a legal charter. With the assistance of a young lawyer Fiorello LaGuardia, who became one of the most popular and effective mayors of New York City, the Central Vasco-Americano Sociedad de Beneficiencia y Recreo was established. This first incorporated Basque Center in the United States initially was a mutual benefit and charity organization dedicated to helping those newly arrived, and to aiding those Basques living in New York that might be in financial difficulties. In addition to the benevolent activities, the Center (now named as Euzko Etxea of NY) sponsored many social events for its members and their families.

With a steady number of members, EENY is currently undergoing a transformation from a traditional “txoko” Basque Club to a more inclusive, open, modern and cultural Centre in the most vibrant borough of NYC. We aim to bring together different generations of Basque- Americans, Basques, Americans and their descendents to celebrate Basque culture for another 100 years!

If you would like to browse the provisional NY Basque Club’s Centennial CelebrationProgram, click here to download the PDF. All events are open except the Gala Dinner which is only for members. If you want to become a member write an email to nyeuzkoetxea2013@gmail.com.

For more information, check out the Centennial website at www.eeny2013.com, or the Euzko-Etxea website at www.newyorkbasqueclub.com.

Organizers: Itziar Albisu, Joxean Alcayaga, Anna Mari Aguirre, Enrique Arana, Aitzol Azurtza, Inaki Bakedano, Baraxil Bengoa, Zachary Berhau, Jon Cerezal, Koitz Foncillas, Maria Kontel, Iban Ubarretxena, Garikoitz Udabe.

Euzko-Etxea New Years 1940s

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4 thoughts on “Euzko-Etxea of New York will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year, October 7-14, 2013

  1. Koldo

    Nice pic. But the date could be 1941, 1942…Aguirre arrived in NYC in november, 1941

  2. Maitetxu Botxoa - Saenz

    Kaixo denori,
    zorionak benetan! Aurrera beti EUSKALDUNAK (we =Guk, may have the knack already!) I was not born when Jose Antonio Aguirre and some other members left Euskadi/Euzkalherria but my adoptive aitite met all of them in Paris -France, not the other one in Texas and received from them the book written by Professor Manuel de Irujo Olla -This compendium of history recording thousands of relevant events was passed into me when I worked in Euskal-Etxea -London (England) from 1976 to 1978 “Inglaterra y los vascos” publicado en castellano por la editorial vasca EKIN en Buenos Aires -Argentina, creo que tuvo si no recuerdo mal cinco mil tiradas. Sir Jon Smith-Bowers was my aitite when I never had the chance to meet my real grand fathers as both were killed before I was born on the 6th of March 1956 in that clinic in Indautxu -Bilbo/Bilbao where today there is a hotel instead.
    Bilbo/Bilbao was under heavy shells and obuses and so on when lehendakari Aguirre summed my father’s mother! Elena, ya has perdido un hijo y no quiero que pierdas otro, recoge todo lo que puedas y vete a Suiza ,Nosotros te buscaremos, toma dinero para el viaje y alojamiento. After three long days in train, my father was already fluent in French (Patxi 9 years old) with two sisters and mother and auntie Juliana so he was in fact the only male on board from my family at the time in question because all my uncles were fighting the enemy! Then my father was a leader and very much in charge and he had a good chance to prove his values when once during a brake with local kids a football match took place, children from Euskadi were shouting Aupa but at times also Animo, French were offended because they thought those foreigners were calling them animals as the French animaux is exactly the same pronunciation! But my father intervened in time to avoid another fight. Suiza edo Switzerland was meant to be neutral, but on the border all were rejected Back, etxera Patxi and company decided to take another route thinking that it was going to save up time returning to Bilbo, speaking in French and castilian which is actually a language created by how our ancestors were speaking Latin when they were already in the Iberian Peninsula. A catalan man overheard them saying Bilbao and he immediately intervened passing news of catastrophic consequences for them if they were heading that way!!! Stay put here, they found shelter in a village called Vidrieras inside a castle, my father was teaching other children MATHS, FRENCH, LANGUAGE AND HISTORY…they all shared the same bed. Ama, my aunti Eleni used to ask my grandmother so often, when the Basque Government sends you the money for aita, will you buy me a doll?
    My father’s mother walked all along Barcelona to find her youngest daughter the biggest available doll. and my father was drawing on the walls the German planes and many more things happened, my dears!
    See u

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