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Retail therapy

Retail therapyWhy? Why is it that blowing away money you don’t have on things you don’t need makes you feel better on days when life could use a pick-me-up? No matter how great your family is, how much you enjoy your work, or how in shape you’ve become, there are always sucky times that warrant credit card abuse. We’ve all experienced the blues before and, just like alcohol or drugs are some people’s chosen escapes from reality, retail therapy helps somehow fill in those gaps in your life that make you feel hollow once in a while. However, unlike substance abuse, retail therapy  can be harmless, if done correctly and in the US. Do not try this in Spain.

Let’s say that today you are just up to here for whatever reason, plus you have time to kill this evening because your plans with Jake fell through (go figure), and the kids are over at Molly’s for a sleep over. Instead of driving straight to your house after work, take your grumpiness along with your wallet for a shopping spree to the nearest mall. Feel free to stop by the bar first for a nice glass of wine to help your muscles relax, in anticipation to all the walking, sorting and lifting you’re about to do. If you’re like me, you’ll take as many items of clothing as you’re allowed to the fitting room, which can get heavy, in order to avoid unnecessary trips back to the floor. Not only that, but it’ll loosen you up when it’s time to swap that bad boy, over and over again.

Hit Target. The housewares there are awesome (check out Michael Graves). Hit Pier 1, if you’re into that indie looking furniture. The Home Depot or Cabela’s if you’re an Idaho man. Get it out of your system and out of your credit line. Go home and crash. Because you know what? Tomorrow, when you get up, still tired from your debauchery last night, buyer’s remorse in full swing but in way better spirits, all you have to do is load you purchases back into the trunk of your car and retrace your steps until you’ve taken every single item back to whatever store you bought it from. There. You managed to achieve the happiness you craved at a minimal loss: an evening, some gas, and a few hundred calories!

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10 thoughts on “Retail therapy

  1. Diana

    I wonder who among your friends could have given you the idea to write about this. And totally unrelated: I think I’ll return the third comforter, that arrived today in the mail, because it was a disappointment: just a cover, not the whole thing (which might explain a lot about the price).

  2. Donald

    I am too lazy to understand the goal behind buying a lot of stuff that you will not keep. But I have had bought things when I was not feeling great just for me.

  3. Henar Chico Post author

    Return policies over there are not anywhere as relaxed as here. They don’t take things back just ‘cos.

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