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Drunk texting app for the iPhone anybody? It’s for a friend

North CarolinaI can’t say for sure, but I’ve heard that people will abuse their phones, their friends or romantic interest after having one too many drinks on Saturday night. It’s quite amazing how, as the night and your buzz progress, calling somebody 7 times in a row doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary. Still a far second to the world record held by one of my friends who managed to call her boyfriend ten times in less than five minutes, and she wasn’t even drunk. And that’s not good, because you know what you’re doing as it’s happening. When you’re wasted, on the other hand, you have no idea until Sunday evening, right after your friend mentions your drunk dialing ways. Horrified, you immediately check your cell’s call log which, to your dismay, confirms the deed. Next, you take a deep breath and venture into your texting history. Moving to another continent sounds pretty good at that point.

When did it become unthinkable to leave the house without your phone? I remember a time when all of us did, and here we are. We survived, we always found our way home. Back then, at least in the Basque Country, we were careful to stay with the pack because it wasn’t always easy to find your friends again if you fell behind chatting with someone, even with the preventive measures we had in place. We always went to the same bars and in the same order, so you could look at the time and know within two or three clubs where to find your friends. Other times we’d set up check points to regroup at a certain hour.

But the glue that really held us together was the “bote”, where we’d all chip in $10 at a time and use that money for drinks until it ran out, at which point you could decide to add another $10 or call it good. The thing about pooling our money together was that once you did, you couldn’t get it back, no matter how many drinks you got out of it. It made you think whether the guy was truly worth it before leaving your friends. When you’re young, unemployed, and rely on your parent’s allowance to survive the weekend, every peseta counted.

Now, we feel naked without our phones. Besides, let’s be real. Imagine for a moment that you leave it at home. (I know, it’s hard, breath, you can do it, it’s just pretend). What the hell are you supposed to do while your friends check emails, text people or update their Facebook status? You might as well stay home and watch Netflix. So the phone comes out with you, with the inherent risks it brings along. Lucky for you, I did some research on this matter and found a very nifty app called Drunk Dial NO!, that will keep you from embarrassing yourself next time you get inebriated, because it lets you to hide a contact’s phone number(s) and email address(es) for between 1 and 48 hours. I’m not sure what happens if you know the number by heart, though. Will the program still give you a warning when you try to sneak it in?

I’ll keep you posted. It’s girls night out on Friday.

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