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Blog endorsement, the LinkedIn way!

Hella BasqueI was going to take a break from writing today, again, as it’s been the case for the last couple of months. Since I came back from Spain shit has just kept rolling and I don’t feel the blog as much as I used to. Nothing major, though. The important things in my life are happy, great, secure: my kids, my family and friends, my job. But sometimes life has a way of bringing you down with less important stuff that shouldn’t matter but somehow does. So maybe it weighs on me more than I want to admit. The thing is, I haven’t felt like writing lately, nothing seems worth putting down in words, and when it does, I am lazy to open the computer and type.

Then, out of the blue and through Twitter no less, I was directed to a post published this morning by fellow blogger Anne-Marie Chiramberro, the girl behind Hella Basque, a very interesting and fun page dedicated, in her own words, to “youthful musings on Basque American Culture”. I was shocked but pleasantly surprised when I noticed she took up some real estate in her blog to talk about A Basque in Boise. Somehow, my blog inspired and gave her the push she needed to start her own adventure. (She and I are going to have a talk about the title though, I was trying to keep that a secret.)

So, in the way of back and forth LinkedIn endorsements, I’m going to return the favor.

During the introduction, Anne-Marie says that she doesn’t think her writing is remarkable. Like her, I don’t think my writing is all that. Just words to describe a personal anecdote or give a heads up about the next Basque event somewhere. However, there must be something here that both of us are missing, because when I read her reasons for why dating Basque people suck, not only did I get the biggest chuckle, but I totally identified with them. And when I went down the list of signs that you grew up Basque in the US, I could hear my children talking. Just two examples when I wished I could write like her. There are many more where those came from.

I am elated that she wrote that post. Apart from caressing my ego -which is always welcome and something I definitely encourage- it made me realize, once again, that what I see within myself, what I think about my life, how I feel about a given situation, my successes, failures and screw-ups, it’s almost always completely different from the way other people experience and look at me. Words like the ones in Anne-Marie’s post help bring balance to the way I feel, thus making this Monday feel more like a Friday evening. And for that, I am so grateful to Hella Basque. I have no doubt that Anne-Marie is going places.

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2 thoughts on “Blog endorsement, the LinkedIn way!

  1. Donald

    We seem to always be our fiercest critic. We don’t only feel that we are not good enough, but some of us tend to try to convince others that we are correct and that we are not good enough.

    Sometimes looking at oneself through the eyes of someone else helps a bit.

    After all, there must be something about you lady if people are actually reading the blog…

  2. Henar Chico Post author

    Yeah, I think about that a lot, but it’s hard to look at your life -work, work, kids, soccer practice, a drink here and there- and feel like it’s all fun and full of excitement, even though it is a good life.

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