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Give it up for guest blogger Maitane!

I know, I know… It’s been way too long since the last time up-and-coming young writer and story teller, Maitane, made her initial appearance in A Basque in Boise blog. A little bit over a year ago she guest-starred on this very site with her debut story A Cat Finds a Friend and a Mous. Today, she makes her way into the competitive art of blogging with “Kitty’s blog”.

Let’s give it up for Maitane!

Kitty’s blog

Hi. My name is Kitty and I have a blog called “Kitty stuff”. It has 2,093 likes. This is the story:

Hi, my name is Kitty. I have a blog and its all about: school, friends, life, partys, pets, perants and yourself. It is the most popular blog in the school. (P.S. I em in high school) and I’m not the popular one, the popular one is Shellby. Shellby is popular and sellfish and braty. (Selfcentered too). She has a gang with two other girls. Kayla and Anison.

Shellby is a dog.

Kayla is a piglet.

Anison is a bunny.

The gang

The gang

Believe it or not, Anison is really truly nice. Kayla is not mean dumb, she is nice, but dumb. For example, you are selling tickets to a play she thinks its a bake sell, and thinks sweets are the tickets to the play. But she is really nice. Shellby would lie more then anyone to get you expeled. So I hate her (more than my ex boyfriend Jake. He was a real jerk-wod). She is just so mean anyway. My best friend Kelly is a cat just like me.




Kelly helps me with my blog “Kitty stuff”. Kelly is friends with Anison. I am to. (Shellby does not know, he he). The most favorite subject on my blog is school. (Their is a lot about Shellby).

Well thats all for today paws. TTYL!!

By: Maitane


Maitane Hollenbeck



For the original blog post, click here.

(What the hell is a jerk-wod??)

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