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The Rise and Fall of ETA, an article by Mark Bieter

A couple of years ago, I shared Mark Bieter’s interview with Jaime Otamendi, a well-known Basque journalist who suffered ETA’s violence first hand. As Mark himself mentions on his blog, he has always been intrigued by the terrorist organization due to his personal history and the experience of friends in the Basque Country and Spain. For that reason, a couple of years ago he decided to research the group on his own. Mark even travelled to the Basque Country in order to interview people familiar with the organization, including professors, politicians, victims, participants, and journalists.

The result of his work is an in-depth article titled The Rise and Fall of ETA, published today by The Blue Review, a journal of popular scholarship from Boise State University College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs.

I have read the publication and I totally recommend it. By the end of the article, even those unfamiliar with the Basque terrorist group will have a clear understanding of its roots, its evolution and ultimately, its demise.

For more details about Mark Bieter’s motivations and some background regarding the article, please visit Mark’s post here.



Mark Bieter is an attorney based in Washington D.C. He graduated in 2000 from Duke University School of Law, where he was H. Haywood Robbins Scholar based on his professional and academic achievements, and also served as a legal research and writing instructor. He earned his undergraduate degree, cum laude, from Gonzaga University. He runs a very interesting blog at bieterblog.com.

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