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Bunny turns to fame (by Maitane)

Incipient blogger Maitane strikes again. I promised her a few weeks back that I’d let her type up her next post directly on my computer and, I don’t know about your kids, but mine, when you promise to let them do something they really, really, REALLY want but give them no specific date, they will remind you several times a day, every day, until you finally say yes. That was tonight for me. So, without further ado, I leave you with Mishel, Shellby, and the rest of the gang. I’m glad that at least one of us in the Chico household is inspired to write a story these days.

Little bloggerHello everybody, this is Maitane and i am writing this on the computer so some words might be misspelled. Ok so lets get on with the story.

Once upon a time their was a regular bunny and she was really hungry you know so you cant just let yourself starve you have to eat. So she decided to go to Mcdonalds. The bunnys name was Mishel Gilbert. So, she ordered the twenty piece nuggets that were on the 1 DOLLAR menu. That was Mishel’s favorite thing. So Mishel thought Well i cant just eat this all by my self. I am gonna invite some friends to Mcdonals. Oh ya thats what im gonna do.

So, of course she invited her friends. Shellby the cat, Jessica the dog, Tweety the bird, and Loco the dog. So they all went to Mcdonalds.

Mishel was really happy to see them all. Shellby asked, Hey Mishel if were having a party here at Mcdonalds, we should tell one of the order people that we are having a party so that they know that we will be staying for a while. And of course like Mishel always does… she agreed. So, Mishel asked Tweety if she could go tell the order person. So, Tweety did. Loco asked, Hey Mishel i want to get my loco on, when can i do that? Mishel said, Hey maybe you can wait, ever thought of that? she said angerly. Loco said, OK FINE. So Jessica brought up, Hey im getting hungry, we should order some food now. So everyone agreed. Shellby said, i will have a Mctaco. Loco said, i will have the Mcburger. Tweety said, i will have some Mcbird seeds. Jessica said, i will have the Mcdog bone. Mishel said, i will have the Mctwenty piece nuggets.

So, Mishel went to order all the food. And then the order person said OMG YOU ARE THE WINNER! So, Mishel looks like totally confuesed and shes all like what the heck what on earth am i a winner for. The order person says YOU WON YOU WON! And Mishel says Hey scream a little louder she said sarcasticly. And then the order person says, You won you are now going on tour with Miley Citrus. OMG! I LOVE HER! TTYL Loco, Tweety, Shellby, and Jessica i am going on tour with Miley Citrus!

So, when Mishel met Miley they became best friends in the instint. But Mishel missed her real friends. She wanted them to go to one of her concerts so that Mishel could see her friends again. So Mishel asked Miley if her friends could come to one of Mileys concerts. Miley said yes. Soon enough Mishel was traveling the world with Miley BUT Mishels friends moved to Mileys home so that they could all be happy friends. The End. By Maitane.

Well everyone, thanks for reading this. Thank you because i worked really hard to come up with this story so please love and comment and share! TTYL!

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