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‘Xiberoko Botza’: A radio Christmas Special focused on the Basque Diaspora

Xiberoko Botza

Xiberoko Botza‘, a Basque radio station from Zuberoa, reached out to the Diaspora and dedicated an entire program on Christmas Day to those Basques living abroad. Radio host Titika Recalt chatted with a few of us living in different parts of the world and asked us to paint a picture of our lives outside of the Basque Country.

If you’d like to get acquainted with the guests, go ahead and listen to the program below (in Basque). You will hear from Rocío Basterra (Bahía Blanca, Argentina), Francois Camou (San Francisco, USA), Sabrina Otegui (Buenos Aires, Argentina), and Henar Chico (Boise, USA).


You can check out some of their previous radio programs here.

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