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Basque Archaeology student looking to interview Basques in the Northwest for her thesis

BasqueDPinAbout a year ago, Victoria de Aranzeta, a Basque student at Evergreen State College in Washington pursuing a degree in Archaeology, got in touch with A Basque in Boise. She is working on a thesis focused on Basques in the Northwest. After compiling information for a year, Victoria is finally ready to interview people. She is looking for families who came to Western America from the Basque Country willing to relate their family stories for her thesis.

Let’s give her a hand! I will be very surprised if she doesn’t get flooded with emails, given how many families in the West meet that requirement.

In her own words…

My name is Victoria de Aranzeta, and I am currently a student at Evergreen State College in Washington pursuing a degree in Archaeology. I am looking for Basques in the Northwest Region to aid me in my research; I am hoping to interview people who have immigrated to the West. I would like to gather stories from sheepherders, farmers, musicians, and any Basque who is willing to share. My ultimate goal in these interviews is to compile oral history that pertains to the impacts the Basque have had in the Western states, and really just to collect stories that Basques may have of immigration/pre-immigration.

I am doing this research for a class, but I hope to turn it into a book one day. My family came over to America after the war and originally wanted to settle in Argentina, but the U.S. Government held my grandparents in New York, and that is where they stayed until they were moved to Connecticut with a sponsor family. Because of that, I am not familiar with Basque immigration into the Western Americas.

It would be great to be able to interview in person, but it can also be done over the phone or email – whichever is most comfortable. I can be contacted by email at first (vdaranze@gmail.com), then I will provide my phone number upon confirmation of interview.

Eskerrik asko,

Victoria de Aranzeta


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