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From the February Euzkaldunak Newsletter: Au-pair/Nanny needed in the Basque Country

Euskal Herria

I saw this bit last week on the February edition of the Euzkaldunak newsletter and thought, wow… What a nice opportunity for a young person to spend a few months in the Basque Country perfecting the language and getting immersed in the culture without breaking the parents bank! Hopefully something like this will come up again when my kids are old enough to take advantage of such a nice offer.

In the meantime, I leave you with the details of this job:

When: Beginning September 2014 to the end of June of 2015 (flexible)
Children: 7 and 9 years old (a girl and a boy)
Working hours: 5 1/2 hours from Monday to Friday. Weekends off.
Salary: 70 Euros/week (about $95/week)

You will live with the family and you will have your private room. All meals included.

Requirements: Be 18 or older and have some experience taking care of children. Speak English and some Basque.

For more information write to Miren Tere in Basque, Spanish or English: mtbedia1@hotmail.com.

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Usue Raku Pamela Mugica Mark Bieter Aitziber

6 thoughts on “From the February Euzkaldunak Newsletter: Au-pair/Nanny needed in the Basque Country

  1. aroa

    I´m Basque, I speak Basque, Spanish and a bit of English.
    I ´m chemist and Iwould like to go this summer to improve my English.

    thanks a lot!

  2. Henar Chico Post author

    Kaixo Aroa, nahi baduzu, bidadazu email bat zure informazioarekin, zenbat urte dituzun, zenbat denbora geratuko zinateke, zure bizitzari buruz zerbait, eta nik hemengo Euskal Etxeekin zabalduko dut bidaltzen didazuna, ondo dago?

  3. Aitziber

    Aurten Haur Hezkuntzan karrera bukatuko dut eta ingelesa hobetzeko eta euskara mundura zabaltzeko proposamenarekin, 2015-2016 ikasturtea litzatekeenerako Boisera Au Pair moduan joatea gustatuko litzaidake. Eskaintza bat egongo balitz horren berri jakitea gustatuko litzaidake.

    Eskerrik asko,


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