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A short reflection on the use of new technology

I’m all for the use of new technology to improve the facilities at H-P, but I resent the lack of consistency exhibited around the office. Last year I suffered for months while the crew worked on remodeling the bathroom I most frequently use throughout the day. It was a bit of a pain to walk the extra 30 steps to the next closest one to shower after the gym, but it all seemed worth the hassle when the new and improved bathroom opened its doors and delighted us with automatic soap dispensers and sensor-activated faucets for our hand-cleaning convenience.

However, we soon discovered that not having a handle is pretty annoying because now, in order to wash our hands with hot water, we have to stand there forever until the cold water running through our fingers finally warms up.

Not only that, but it gets really confusing when for some reason you end up doing your business at a different restroom that has yet to be modernized. First, you put your hand under the soup dispenser for a few seconds until you realize it’s not gonna pump itself, hello! Then, you are half way to the exit before you have to come back and shut off the faucet because you forgot that this one is not operated by sensors.

I mean, really. Let’s all get on the same page, people.

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