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Boiseko Ikastola reaches out to the Basque Country to ask for donations of children’s Basque outfits

A couple of days ago Maria, this year’s Basque language teacher at Boiseko Ikastola, shared this article by Iban Gorriti about a new initiative by the preschool to get people in the Basque Country to donate Basque costumes so the students can use them during the various Basque celebrations held in Boise throughout the year. I thought it was a wonderful idea and I wanted to get the word out. Many of us have families and friends back in Euskadi that would certainly help if they knew about the project. The original article by Iban was published two days ago, in Spanish: La ikastola americana de Boise pide cooperación para donarles ropa de baserritarra infantil.

Ander Cimas Bagoaz Bidaiak IBAN GORRITI Mugalari

Ander Cimas owns Bagoaz Bidaiak travel agency where the donated clothes should be dropped off. || FOTO | Iban Gorriti

The Basque preschool, thanks to an initiative by this year’s teacher – from Abadiño, Bizkaia – is asking people to drop off Basque outfits they no longer need at Bagoaz Bidaiak de Traña-Matiena agency, owned by Ander Cimas


The only Basque preschool outside the Basque Country, Boiseko Ikastola (United States), is asking people from all Basque provinces to donate Basque traditional outfits for children to use in the various celebrations held in Boise, such as Santa Ageda, Danborrada (a festival in Donostia), inauteriak (carnival), or Olentzero (Basque Santa Claus). This year’s Ikastola teacher is from Abadiño. She got in touch with another Abadiño resident, Ander Cimas, known in their town as being the owner of Bagoaz Bidaiak travel agency.

Joining forces and believing that it is easier to achieve your goals by working together, both the teacher and the expert on custom travel experiences ask that people collaborate by donating boy and girl clothes they no longer use and which will be very welcome in Boise. The Ikastola will take care of the shipping charges. “Those people who decide to donate clothes can do so here, in the Bagoaz Bidaiak travel agency during work hours,” offers Ander. The business has moved and its new location is at Txinurrisolo, 6, lower floor, in the Traña-Matiena, neighborhood in Abadiño.

Sstudents and two teachers from Boiseko Ikastola in Idaho. || PHOTO | Mara Davis (Boiseko Ikastola)

Sstudents and two teachers from Boiseko Ikastola in Idaho. || PHOTO | Mara Davis (Boiseko Ikastola)

Boiseko Ikastola is looking to receive 30 outfits. “Unfortunately, we cannot afford to buy them and bring them here, that’s why I thought of asking you for them,” said Maria, the teacher, to Ander a few days ago. “Back in the Basque Country almost every household has Basque traditional outfits, many times put away in closets where nobody uses them. I’m hoping that people will donate those unused outfits to Boiseko Ikastola,” adds Maria, who assures the costumes would be used for generations to come.”

In her request, she thanks those who decide to donate the outfits. “I hope that with your help I will be able to achieve my goal wait for Olentzero’s arrival this year using your clothes,” she says.

Boiseko Ikastola student || PHOTO | Blogseitb.us/basqueboise

Maitane, Boiseko ikastola student

Boiseko Ikastola was founded in Boise, Idaho’s capital, in October 1988. Today, it has children between 2 and 5 years of age, “more girls than boys, actually” that only speak Basque during school hours.

Ander Cimas got in touch with the Ikastola through some clients who used his travel agency Bagoaz Bidaiak to book a trip to Boise. Basque presence in Idaho is one of the biggest and most active in the diaspora. Cimas says: “I was very excited when I was offered to collaborate. We talk a lot about the ties with Boise, but when it’s all said and done, initiatives such as this one are hard to accomplish. We hope we can make it happen this time”.

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