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Great turnout at the New England Basque Club Aberri Eguna celebration

The New England Basque Club celebrated Aberri Eguna last Saturday, March 29, at the Middletown Knights of Columbus.

Despite the rain and cold, the 115 attendees who gathered to celebrate the Aberri Eguna in Middletown, Rhode Island were treated to a rural sport demonstration by aizkolaris Riki Lasa, Patxi Gandiaga, and Juan Mari Aramendi. Riki Lasa dethroned Aramendi, who previously finished first. In this latest challenge, Lasa did not take any chances and won the round leaving the mystery of supremacy for May 10, when the three aizkolaris will be measured at the yearly New England Basque Club Txitxiburduntzi Party, organized by Riki Lasa in Connecticut.

After the rural sport demonstration, Chef Ismael Biurrun- with the help of Mark Massa, Sergio Lopez and Jesus Meabebasterretxea- delighted the Basque Center members with a succulent dinner of mixed salad, fish soup, and a main course of chicken with vegetables and potatoes. With coffee and dessert came the last event of the evening.

The young Basque-American musician Mikel Arambarri serenaded attendees with mythical songs from Mikel Laboa and Itoiz among others.

For additional photos and videos of the event, click here.

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