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Kern County Basque Club will host the 2014 NABO Pilota Finals


This year, the 2014 NABO Pilota Finals will be hosted by the Kern County Basque Club.

The championship will be held on Memorial Day weekend – Friday, May 23rd and Saturday, May 24th in conjunction with the NABO Convention. The semi-finals (if needed) will be played Friday afternoon/evening (time has not yet been determined) and the finals will be played on Saturday from 7:30am until 4pm. The finals must be completed no later than 4pm.

The schedule will be posted as soon as confirmation from all participating clubs is received.

If there is enough interest and time allows it, the Gazteak (youth) finals in Eskuz or Paleta Goma could be held on Friday evening.

The following categories will be offered:


Class A Paleta Goma
Class B Paleta Goma
Veterans Paleta Goma
Class A Eskuz Singles
Class A Eskuz Doubles
Class B Eskuz Doubles
Paleta Cuero


Paleta Goma

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