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Basque<>Spanish/English translator now available online and for mobile devices

r59-itzultzaileaIn 2012, the Basque Government launched an online translator to help the general public bridge the communication gap from Spanish to Basque. This year, the next phase was implemented and the Spanish/English to Basque translator was unveiled in Bilbao at the beginning of the April.

The tool -developed over a period of two years by a team of linguists- will handle short texts (up to 1,500 characters), as well as websites. According to the original article published in Spanish by Diario Vasco, this new tool is 70% better than Google Translate, although there is still room for improvement. The tool will never replace a human being or a professional translator, but it will aid users significantly in everyday life.

The online translator is available at www.itzultzailea.euskadi.net.

Not only that, but the translator will be also accessible from iOS or Android devices. Android users can download the application from Google Play, while the iOS version is expected at the Apple Store in the next few weeks. One of the advantages of using the app is the ability to dictate directly into the phone, instead of typing.

For more resources on learning Basque, check out my previous post Writing in Basque: Tools to get you there. There is plenty of information there to help you learn or improve your Basque language skills.


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