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New England Basque Club’s Txitxiburduntzi 2014 coming up

Txitxiburduntzi 2013

Txitxiburduntzi 2013

New England Basque Club members are invited to celebrate and participate in the Txitxiburduntzi Celebration on Saturday, May 10th at Riki Lasa’s farm in Connecticut.

The celebration starts at 1:00 pm with Basque Aizkolaries challenging local woodcutters Dale McClouduno and Ct Champion Shannon Strong. All are welcome to participate other Basque rural sports such as sokatira (tug of war), txingaruten (weight carrying), txokorbatzen (corn collecting), harrijasoketa (weight lifting.)

Barbecue Master Patxi Gandiaga will delight the crowd with roasted pig. Wine, beer, refreshments, dessert and coffee will be included.

The All New England Mus Tournament will end the celebration. Thank you to organizers and special thanks to Riki Lasa for hosting the event.

RSVP before May 5th to nebasque@aol.com if you are planning on attending.
Txitxiburdintzi 2014: 426 south Grand Street, Suffield CT 06093.

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