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“Denok batera” (all together) with Athletic against Sevilla today!

Ze bila?In less than an hour Athletic will play against Sevilla, a game that will probably decide who gets a spot in the Champions League next year.

Athletic has been in fourth place for the last few weeks, but their loss against Barcelona last Sunday while Sevilla won over Valencia shortened our team’s advantage to only 3 points. So, unless Athletic wins or draws today, Sevilla will take over our place in the league and most likely kill our chances to play in Europe.

Athletic fans! Let’s all unite and send good vibes to our team, whether you’re right there in San Mames screaming your head off, or somewhere out there like me, yelling a the TV from the couch while my son gives me a look that says, “My amatxu has gone nuts”.


If you’d like to watch the game but don’t know how, try RojaDirecta or Intergoles. I always find a stream there that works.

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