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Human chain demanding Basques’ right to decide gathers over 150,000 participants

The human chain organized by the citizens initiative Gure esku dago (It’s in our hands), beat expectations on Sunday, June 8, 2014, gathering over 150,000 in favor of the Basques’ right to decide the country’s future.

As thousands of citizens joined hands creating a human chain of 123 kilometers between the town of Durango and the city of Iruñea (Pamplona) in the Basque Country, Basques in the Diaspora also showed their support from their nook of the world. From sharing their photos and videos in the Gure Esku Dago Diaspora Facebook page. From Chotoviny, Czech Republic, to Sydney, Australia, Basques gathered in groups of various sizes to voice their support for the initiative.

There has been in-depth news coverage from the Basque Country in the newspapers and TV stations, so I wanted to change the focus a little bit and remember all the people in the Diaspora who also wanted to make their voice heard. Even Pep Guardiola, former F.C. Barcelona coach and current manager at Bayern Munich, supported yesterday the Basque Human Chain for self determination.

Enjoy the pics, check out the videos, and please, keep them coming so I can add them to the gallery.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cancun, Mexico


Euzko Etxea de La Plata, Argentina

Humahuaca, Argentina

Chascomus, Argentina

Sydney, Australia

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One thought on “Human chain demanding Basques’ right to decide gathers over 150,000 participants

  1. Tsering Gompo

    I guess right of independance is an inalienable right, that might need to be protected from europe colonialism and imperialism as well as to defend other ethnies rights in the world, but it also raises many questions such as the understanding of past alliances, which in the case of euskadi is quite complex.

    For myself, when i consider the ecological degradation of euskadi, i doubt our people are able to manage the land and ocean where they live. I also doubt that animal rights, for instance the freedom to have natural life or sexuality/artificial insemination (cf http://www.igualdadanimal.org/), would be respected. Lastly, what economical and social rights would exist for basque citizens ? Should it be another basic capitalist country or would larger alternatives be defended ?

    Therefore, i am not sure i would vote yes.

    Om mari pe mehung pro daonusoha philosophya?

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