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Two awesome blogs you can’t miss just opened their doors to the public

Hey guys, it’s finally Friday, time to relax with friends or out on the patio reading the news or getting caught up on Facebook. So what a perfect time to talk about a couple of new and exciting blogs that hit the Web this week. You know this is important when I’m taking a few minutes out of my busy World Cup watching schedule just to let you know.

First, I would like to introduce you to my counterpart in the Basque Country, Ysabel Bilbao. Not like she needs an introduction per se – you’d be hard-pressed to find someone in Idaho that hasn’t heard of Ysabel – but you might not have realized that she is now the proud writer behind EITB’s new blog, Por Amour. A Boisean in the Basque Country. Last month, she packed her life into a few suitcases and took the leap across the Atlantic to follow her heart. I know Ysabel so I can tell you, without the shadow of a doubt, that her posts will be insightful, funny, easy to read, and moving.

ysabel_bilbaoMy name is Ysabel Bilbao and I moved to the Basque County for love, it is that simple!

After making a long distance relationship work, I decided it was time to quit my job, sell my car, and try something completely new.

Every day is a new challenge and adventure that I will share with you as I leave the comforts of Boise behind, to make my life here, in the Basque Country.

Next, I like to present a very special blog, Sweetness Overload, written by a very special little lady, my beautiful daughter Maitane, aka Potintxo. She has a vivid imagination and quite the writing skills for an eight-year old, not to mention she can already type faster than me on the computer and with no typing lessons! She not only writes the stories, but she finds the pictures online, saves them to her computer, AND uploads them to her blog, all by herself.

Please, check it out and leave a comment, Maitane will be thrilled! I am really proud that she has taken to writing and I would love for her to continue sharing her thoughts, even if it’s just in the meantime, before she becomes a famous singer and model. Maybe by that time she will love writing so much we will have the next JK Rowling in our hands!

I am a girly girl and love necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and hair-clips. I am not a big fan of school but I like reading, hanging out with friends, and just learning cool facts! I love writing fiction stories about animals but I am not wanting to be an author when I grow up. I plan to be a singer and a model. I enjoy writing because it is a fun pass time and I just like making up funny stories!

I hope you enjoy reading these two wonderful blogs written by even more wonderful ladies.

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