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The Directorate of the Basque Community Abroad announces four scholarships for 12-month internships

This week’s Astero weekly bulletin brings some interesting news for those looking to expand their skills and work experience.

gobvasco_26_171_esThe Basque Government’s Secretary General of Foreign Affairs has announced four scholarships aimed at encouraging specialization and training in the field of Basque communities and centers abroad. These scholarships, part of the Directorate of the Basque Community Abroad, provide 12-month internships. Two of the scholarships will fund individuals in Vitoria-Gasteiz, while the other two will reside at Basque Delegations in Argentina the US respectively. The first two scholarships are in the amount of 16,000 Euros, and the other two are for 24,000 Euros each.

Deadline to apply is June 29, 2014. For complete information including how to apply click here (in Spanish), or contact the Directorate of the Basque Community Abroad directly.

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