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Bilbao Travel Guide App, by Eusko Guide

This week’s Astero weekly bulletin talks about the new Bilbao Travel Guide App – which by the way, is completely free until this Saturday, June 28th. I already got mine downloaded!

A new app, Bilbao Travel Guide, is available in both English and Spanish. To celebrate its launch, the app is completely free until this Saturday, the 28th of June. Afterwards, it will be priced at $2.99.

The app seeks to take the confusion and stress out of traveling by guiding users through the best that Bilbao has to offer, whether looking for tasty pintxos, a trendy clothing store or architectural gems. Each listing features a description, practical information, and the majority of the listings are accompanied by full screen, high resolution photos. There is also an interactive map of the city where it is possible to filter through every listing in the app as well as see where the nearest metro station, tram stop, or parking garage is located.

Eusko Guide also has a newsletter with to keep followers up to date about the latest news about the website as well as upcoming events and festivals in the Basque Country.

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