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The bottle is totally empty, actually

I’m watching House M.D., fourth episode in a row on a Saturday night, one day before I go home again. Home to Ortuella. My first home. The current episode is about to finish. There is a lock down in the hospital because a baby is missing and people got randomly trapped with a coworker or patient, being forced to talk in a way they wouldn’t have done otherwise. Some are playing truth or dare. Others took vicodine in order to feel what House felt before he got done with detox. A couple of doctors who got married a while ago are about to have sex right after they signed the divorce papers, because that happens all the time. And all the way I’m just drinking my wine and watching episode after episode to avoid thinking about my life because I can’t find my place because I can’t move. Even if I could, I don’t think I’d want to. I’m happy here, but I’m also not. I sometimes feel like I’m living a life from the outskirts, from the suburbs, close to downtown, but not quite. It’s easy, it’s got all we need. I get up, I go to work, I work after work, and for 20 days out of the year I get to go home and talk with my sister longer last those two-minute WhatsApp conversations. I go grocery shopping with my mom and have wines with my dad. For 11 months out of the year I am the sole representantive of the Chico-Jiménez family in soccer games and Girl Scouts meetings but hey, there are four weeks for my son to enjoy walks to La Arboleda with his aitite, and for my daughter to go shopping with her aunt in Bilbao and delight in their common liking for makeup and cute dresses. And I’ll get to laugh with everybody about things people here don’t get. I’ll enjoy those 25-minute trips to Bilbao in the train, where merely sitting and eavesdropping on other people’s conversations just about makes the ride worth it. I love the sound of Spanish surrounding me everywhere. Then, my three weeks will be over and I’ll come back to Boise, a town I love, and I’ll turn the TV back on so I can finally learn what the fuck happens with House in the season finale.

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One thought on “The bottle is totally empty, actually

  1. Elizabeth Eiguren-Bilbao

    I read this to Fermin this morning and he is still laughing! Have a wonderful time with your family and have a safe trip with your kids!

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