A Basque in Boise

Learning Basque? Use these free online flashcards for extra practice

If you are one of those daring souls who made up their mind to learn Basque: Congratulations! It’s going to be a hard but totally rewarding journey.

In addition to all the resources compiled in the 2012 post Writing in Basque: Tools to get you there, you can now find online – and free of charge – all of the flashcards from the first book of Euskera Munduan. Even if you haven’t had Basque classes before, you are welcome to use the flashcards, take tests online, review, play games, etc.

These are the steps to find all the sets:

1) go to www.quizlet.com
2) in the search type in NABO
3) Always follow this model to find the corresponding set to the lesson you are doing: NABO Euskera Munduan #. of unit #. session

For example (click on the image):

ScreenHunter_30 Aug. 04 16.21

For more information, get in touch with the Euskara coordinators in North America, Itxaso Cayero or Aitor Inarra at Euskara@nabasque.org.

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