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You can now sign up for Basque language classes at the Basque Museum


Basque language classes are just around the corner at the Basque Museum & Cultural Center, beginning on September 4. The teachers are all enthusiastic and ready to go, and with the upcoming Jaialdi celebrations, brushing up on one’s Euskara may be just the ticket.  Classes cost $65 per semester for members ($80 for non-members).  If you have any questions, let Annie Gavica know by email at AnnieG@basquemuseum.com or by calling the Basque Museum at (208) 343-2671.  They would love to have you!

Feel free to pass this note along to any others that may be interested.  Beginner’s Basque will be taught by Megan (Ottoman) Vondemkamp on Mondays 6-8 pm, Intermediate by Itxaso Cayero on Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm, and Advanced by Oihana Andion on Mondays 6:30-8:30pm.

Sign up by clicking here!

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2 thoughts on “You can now sign up for Basque language classes at the Basque Museum

  1. Jay C. Urcuyo (Urkullu)

    I would love to enroll and learn the language of my ancestors; however, I live in the Central Valley (San Joaquin, California). Does your Organization offer Basque classes closer to where I live, though! Jay Urkullo

  2. Henar Chico Post author

    Hello Jay, I know there are Basque language classes in San Francisco, I am not sure in San Joaquin, though. However, you can contact Aitor Inarra (aitorinarra@gmail.com) or Itxaso Cayero (nichelle03@hotmail.com) for more information.

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