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Ocho apellidos vascos: Discover your roots: An amazing trip organized by Basque Destination

Last month we talked about how the successful Spanish Affair’s (Ocho Apellidos vascos) movie had inspired software magazine Softonic to make a list of the top 8 Basque mobile apps.

This month, Lorea Uranga, from Basque Destination, got in touch with A Basque in Boise and told us about another great and very exciting initiative, also based on the the movie. Now, you can explore many of the sites featured in the film, while discovering your family roots.

Discover your roots

Ocho apellidos vascos: Discover your roots

The trip is composed like a menu with three components for you to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience:

Starters – Discover the main and most breathtaking locations where the film was shot

First dish – Discover the way to your family roots

Main course – Fill up on unforgettable experiences

Desert – You will have experienced the best trip of your life!

The itinerary will be as follows:

Day 1: Zumaia
Day 2: Getaria-Zarauz
Day 3: Leitza
Day 4: Donostia-San Sebastian
Day 5: Discover the Ignatian land
Days 6 and 7: Discover the land of your ancestors

(*) GROUP MINIMUM: At least 12 people.

For more information about what you can expect of each day, visit their website and browse through the menu. On egin!

Basque Destination
Camino de Mundaiz, 50
Universidad de Deusto
Garate Innogunea
20012 Donostia – San Sebastián
943 326600 (Ext. 5174)
605 77 60 89

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3 thoughts on “Ocho apellidos vascos: Discover your roots: An amazing trip organized by Basque Destination

  1. Frank Arano

    I’m looking to determine how much of basque ancestry I have any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  2. Susan Esparza

    Hello everyone! My name is Susan Esparza and I was born in Los Angeles. My Grandmother was Modesta Bezunartea from Juarietta, Navarra. Grampa was Frank Rocha from Betanzos, Galicia. He and my grandma met and were married in San Pedro , CA; three children, my favorite Aunt Juanita, my mother Maria and Uncle Vitor. They have all passed.
    It was not easy as I grew up not knowing anything about my heritage. The family never spoke of it and the only reference in front of me was when grama called out to me as a little girl. She would call Susieaga. My first clue to begin my search. My grandfather died the year before I was born; about 5 yrs later grandma married Lucio Arostegui from Ochagavia, she knew him as a child. He passed a few years later as he was ill when she married and cared for him until he passed. He was a wonderful and gentle man.
    I found info on ancestry.com as well , when I googled her village, and looked around, there was a village with my name on the houses! Las Casas Esparza. I was shocked as my husband who was killed in Vietnam had no idea he was Basque. So there it was. My roots about 20 miles from my husband’s, and no one ever told me about it. I wonder if we were related. Of course there is much more , however it took me quite a few months to realize they had so many secrets.
    My dad was Irish and he was my love. He was just as secretive as they were, but as I found there were reasons for that. I do have pictures and I was the only grandchild of 4 that looked exactly like my aunt, mama, and my grandma. All with the same faces and green eyes.I would love to hear from anyone who could tell me the origin of the maternal side which was Bezunartea. Her fathers name was Miguel from the shipping documents. I live in New Mexico and would love to hear from anyone. susanesparza515@comcast.net Thank you and hope to hear from you. Susan

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