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Boise Basque Studies 2015 Symposium Call for Papers


Joan-Etorri: Going forth and going back

2015 marks two 40th anniversary events: the inaugural Boise State Basque Studies Abroad program in Oñati and the publication of the seminal book Amerikanuak in 1975. Together, these events provide a broad spectrum of topics for the sessions, including identity, immigration, international contacts, etc. It also illustrates the back and forth (between the homeland and Diaspora) of the Basque experience. Submissions may be directly or indirectly related to these, but there will be consideration of outside topics as well.

Submission directions. Please copy the section below and paste the information in an email message. Send it to boga@boisestate.edu.




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Notes: Review of submissions begins Nov. 1, 2014, and the sessions will close when we have enough presenters. The crowded schedule during Jaialdi* week constrains the number of sessions. There is limited funding for this so applicants should be prepared to cover all their own expenses while in Boise. Send comments or questions to boga@boisestate.edu.

SCHEDULE DATES: The final schedule will not be determined until 1) after submissions determine the sessions and 2) whether or not Boise State Basque Studies is able to bring over the Basque Country soccer club Athletic Bilbao to play a friendly match against an MLS Soccer team at Albertsons (Bronco) Stadium. Look for a schedule update here the first of January 2015, but the tentative dates are July 27-30, 2015 during Jaialdi* week. All symposium events will be on the campus of Boise State University, featuring various sessions for undergraduates/public scholarship and graduate presentations. If desired submissions will be considered for publication in BOGA Basque Studies.

For more information please visit the Basque Studies page for the 2015 Symposium.

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